3rd International Conference on Social and Political Science (ICoSaPS)
Theme: “Impact of Information Technology on Social and Political Dynamics”

The Ministry of Communication and Information of Indonesia reported that in 2015 internet users in Indonesia reached 82 millions (Kominfo, 2015) compared about 1.5 millions in 2000. This significant increase in the internet usage has effected people’s everyday life–from social networking and access to economic opportunities to direct participation in the political process and adapting their cultures to technological innovations. The discovery of e-mail, social media, and other communication technologies have significantly changed not only the way people communicate, but also the way people see and respond to a globalized world. The development of e-government, for example, has influenced public administration and governance. Indonesians are now able to access government information portals and communicate directly with their political representatives, hence, expressing their concern on projects and policies that affect their lives. The huge number of people communicating through social media has also affected trends of modern social life. Today’s dynamic online communication environment in Indonesia has enhanced democracy compared to Suharto era even as the easy access and dissemination of information online do instigate inter-racial and religious conflict and distrust among the people.

This conference aims to explore and elaborate on the dynamics of information technology and its impacts on the people’s lives. Speakers will deliberate on four areas relevant to Indonesia: public administration and governance, communication and social networking, online public sphere and social change, regional and international relations. While this conference focuses on the social and political, it also welcomes research from inter-disciplinary areas.

1. To discuss the latest development of information technology and its impacts on social networking and political process and public policy formulation.
2. To explore new insights in the application of information technologies to the development of Indonesian society, in particular, and world society in general.
3. To provide a platform for discussing the result of the research and inspiring the future research as well as to make policy recommendations

Time and Venue of the Conference
The Conference is to be organized on Tuesday and Wednesday, 2-3 November 2016, 08.00-16.00 WIB, at Lorin Hotel, Solo, Central Java, Indonesia

Further Information & Contact Person
Yuyun Sunesti (Yunes)
+62 858 764 760 75

by icosaps