• Conference Chair : Prof. Dr. Ravik Karsidi, M.S.
  • Chief of Steering Committee : Prof. Dr. Ismi Dwi Astuti Nurhaeni, M.Si.
  • Member of Steering Committee :
  1. Prof. Drs. Pawito, Ph.D.
  2. Prof. Dr. R.B. Soemanto, M.A.
  3. Sudarmo, M.A., Ph.D.
  4. Hamid Arifin, M.Si.
  5. Dr. Sutopo J.K., M.S.
  6. Sri Hastjarjo, S.Sos., Ph.D.
  7. Dr. Kristina Setyowati, M.Si.
  8. Dr. Ahmad Zuber, S.Sos., D.E.A.
  9. Prof. Dr. Andrik Purwasito, D.E.A.
  • Chairman : Rino A. Nugroho, S.Sos., M.T.I., Ph.D.

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