Lorin Solo Hotel
Jalan Adisucipto No. 47 Solo 57174
Central Java – IndonesiaEmail : solo@lorinhotel.com
Telephone (+62 271) 724500 Fax (+62 271) 724400



Lorin Solo Hotel is a stylish oasis surrounded by sparkling lagoons, sanctuary gardens, rice fields, and theme pools, ideally situated on Jalan Adi Sucipto, between Adi Sumarmo International Airport and the city of Solo. The central business district and major shopping areas are approximately 8 minutes from the hotel.


How to get there:

  1. By Taxi (The rate: 70.000 IDR–150.000 IDR)
  • From Adisumarmo International Airport 6 km
  • From Balapan Railway Station 7 km
  • From Tirtonadi Bus Station 7 km
  1. Free shuttle bus from hotel (by confirmation)

Hotel near the seminar location:

1. Syariah Hotel
Publish rate IDR 438.750
Address: Jl : Jl. Adi Sucipto No.47, Gonilan, Kartasura, Kabupaten Sukoharjo, Jawa Tengah
Phone:(0271) 711000

2. Fave Hotel
Publish Rate IDR 348.480
Address: Jl. Adi Sucipto No.60, Manahan, Solo, Kota Surakarta, Jawa Tengah
Phone:(0271) 719222

3. The Adhiwangsa Hotel & Convention Solo
Publish Rate 341.250
Address: Komplek Hailai, Jl. Adi Sucipto No. 146, Surakarta, Jawa Tengah
Phone: (0271) 7889289

4. The Alana Solo
Publish Rate IDR 501.642
Address: Jl. Adi Sucipto, Colomadu Karanganyar, Surakarta, Central Java
Phone: (0271) 7451555

5. Grand Laguna Hotel & Villa
Publish Ratr IDR450.000
Address: 57174, Jalan Adi Sucipto No.101, Blulukan, Colomadu, Surakarta, Jawa Tengah
Phone: (0271) 7892488

ATM near the location

1. ATM Mandiri
Address: Jl. Adi Sucipto, Blulukan, Colomadu, Kabupaten Karanganyar, Jawa Tengah
Address: Lorin Hotel, Jl. Adi Sucipto No.47, Blulukan, Colomadu, Kabupaten Karanganyar, Jawa Tengah
3. ATM BNI KK Adi Sucipto
Address: Jl. Adi Sucipto, Karangasem, Laweyan, Kota Surakarta, Jawa Tengah
Phone : (021) 57899999
4. BII ATM Batik Semar
Address: Jl. Adi Sucipto, Gajahan, Solo, Kota Surakarta, Jawa Tengah
Phone: (021) 29228888
Address: Alfamart, Jl. Adi Sucipto, Paulan, Colomadu, Kabupaten Karanganyar, Jawa Tengah


1. Bank BNI
Jl. Laksda Adisucipto No.137 • (0274) 582815
Open until 5:00 PM
2. Bank Mandiri
Jl. Laksda Adisucipto No.137 • (021) 57899999


1. Rumah Sakit Mata Solo
Address: Jl. Adi Sucipto No.169, Karangasem, Laweyan, Kota Surakarta, Jawa Tengah
Phone: (0271) 713333
2. Rumah Sakit Islam Surakarta
Address: Jalan Jend. Ahmad Yani, Pabelan, Kartasura, Jawa Tengah
Phone: (0271) 710571

3. Rumah Sakit Ortopedi Dr. Soeharso
Address: Jl. Jend. Ahmad Yani No.157, Pabelan, Kartasura, Surakarta, Jawa Tengah
Phone: (0271) 714458
4. Rumah Sakit Panti Waluyo
Address: Jl. Jend. Ahmad Yani No.1, Kerten, Laweyan, Kota Surakarta, Jawa Tengah
Phone: (0271) 712077

Shopping Centre

1. Solo Square
Address: Jl. Slamet Riyadi No. 451-455, Jawa Tengah
Phone: (0271) 642793
2. Luwes Kartasura
Address: Jl. Adi Sumarmo, Kartasura, Kec Sukoharjo, Jawa Tengah
Phone: (0271) 780781
3. Carrefour Solo Pabelan
Address: Jl. Raya A. Yani No. 234, Pabelan Kartosura, Kabupaten Sukoharjo, Jawa Tengah
Phone: (0271) 724681
4. Solo Paragon Mall
Address: Jl. Yosodipuro No. 133, Keprabon, Banjar Sari, Solo Paragon, Jawa Tengah
Phone: (0271) 7890200

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